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Fashion Focus: Nike Officially Releases US Open Kits

Nike has officially released the prominent player collections for this year’s US Open. Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Grigor Dimitrov and Victoria Azarenka are among those highlighted. What’s even more exciting is the night kits, which include darker/black versions of the Nike Lunar Ballistec and Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour sneakers. The most fashionable city (sorry, Paris) is going to end the Slam season with a fashion bang.

Serena Williams US Open Nike

Lovely in a leopard print – really only Serena could pull this look off. What’s to like: Pink is great on her plus the animal-print wristbands are pretty cool. What’s to dislike: There are going to be haters (but I’m not one of them).

Rafael Nadal US Open Nike

As if it hadn’t seemed official before, it’s officially official now. Rafa will be back to sleeveless for the US Open (provided he is healthy enough to play). What’s to like: Everyone can appreciate a good throwback. Plus, it’s not like he’s bringing back the “manpris.” What’s to dislike: Sorry but is there really anything wrong with being able to see more of the muscles from Mallorca?

Roger Federer US Open Nike

Roger’s NYC kit is very similar to the one we saw him wear in Canada (and likely Cincinnati too). What’s to like: His kit will probably not affect his playing abilities, which have been very good lately. What’s to dislike: It’s just very blah (there, I said it).

Maria Sharapova US Open Nike

Biker shorts are back for Maria in this very sleek day kit. What’s to like: Everything. What’s to dislike: I won’t look as good in it as she does.

Grigor Dimitrov US Open Nike

This is the first time Grigor is really highlighted by Nike (and he’s earned it). There are a bunch of different versions of the above top that likely all of the other Nike men will wear. What’s to like: Nothing looks bad on Grigor. What’s to dislike: Sleeves are different colors, collar has different colors… just a little bit discombobulated. 

Victoria Azarenka US Open Nike

Vika in shorts? Yes please! What’s to like: This outfit was made for her – super sporty with a preppy look. What’s to dislike: Other images from Nike show the top with a skirt. Hope she sticks to shorts.

US Open Nike

Looks like “Darth Federer” will be back and Rafa will end up in all grey at night (which worked for him last year). What’s to like: Rafa’s color combo of the grey and pink is pretty perfect. What’s to dislike: Would have liked a little more color pop for Roger. Again, blah.

US Open Nike

Maria throws us back to 2006 with an all-black night kit while Serena keeps it spotted in a black-and-white version of her day dress. What’s to like: I love throwbacks and maybe it’ll prove effective for Maria. What’s to dislike: What happened to biker shorts? It’s too bad she couldn’t make an all-black night kit in that style. What’s to really love: Seriously, Serena in this print will be just amazing.

US Open Nike

The best for last… night shoes!! Nadal, Federer, Sharapova and Williams will wear these under the lights. For someone with a massive love for different-colored sneakers, this is so exciting. What’s to like: EVERYTHING. What’s to dislike: That I don’t own a pair yet.

Final thoughts… Obviously with Juan Martin del Potro being iffy, Dimitrov took his place. Li Na is out of the US Open so she’s not included in this group. My big question is: Where is Genie Bouchard? Where is Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova? The best ladies at the last Slam deserve their fashion due.

(Images: Nike)



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  2. Rosso says:

    Heh, amusingly my opinion of each of these outfits is pretty much opposite to yours everytime! Dislike the animal print, hate the return of sleeveless Rafa, haaaaate that awful apron dress Nike gave Maria & I like Fed’s kit, love the bright blue & turquoise! Think only one we agree on is Vika & the night shoes! Lol, fashion eh? :)