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Fashion Focus: Nike Fall For Sharapova & Serena

Nike has started to release what its top women will wear this Fall in New York and some of the styles might surprise you!

Sharapova Nike US Open

Under the Summer sun, Maria Sharapova will wear the Nike Premier Maria Day Tunic Women’s Tennis Dress. The biker-shorts trend is what Maria went with in Australia and Paris, but I have to say I like this color combination the best of the three. Buy it from Nike or Tennis Warehouse. There will also be a night dress for Maria, reminiscent of the dress she wore in 2006 when she won. Stay tuned for when Nike officially releases it in a few weeks.

Serena Nike US open

The talk of Twitter has been leopard. Is this really Serena Williams‘ US Open dress? Seems to be the case according to the retailer. She’ll definitely stand out in New York! Buy it from Nike or Tennis Warehouse.

(Images: Nike)


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