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Fashion Focus: Rafa To Go Sleeveless In NYC?

In January 2009, a shocking occurrence rocked the tennis world: Rafael Nadal stepped on court wearing a shirt… with sleeves.

Rafael Nadal Nike Sleeveless 2014

Now, 5 years later, it seems the opposite is about to occur. Rumors are swirling, yet to be confirmed by Nike or any retailers, and he’s been seen practicing in the above top in Mallorca, but how would you feel if Rafa went back to sleeveless for the US Open?

One thing is confirmed: the below is Rafa’s Nike Premier Jacket for the Fall. It’s grey, it’s breathable and it has the bull. Yes, that’s Rafa’s.

 Rafael Nadal Nike Jacket 2014 Rafael Nadal Nike Jacket 2014

(Images: Tennis Buzz, Tennis Warehouse)


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  1. Vanity says:

    um this has been confirmed like months ago by an awesome Rafa site. the shirt is on their site with the bull logo on the back.