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Fashion Focus: Nike Fall 2014 For Federer

One would never use the term “mint condition” to describe Roger Federer as his Wimbledon results proved the best is possibly yet to come. Maybe his Nike Fall 2014 collection will make him… Betterer?

Federer Nike Polo Fall 2014Federer Nike Shorts Fall 2014

Roger’s Nike Fall Advantage Premier Polo comes in medium mint with mystic green (above) and black with magnet grey and will be paired with the Nike Premier Gladiator 9″ Shorts in rift blue (above).

The Nike Premier RF Men’s Tennis Sweater (below) is made of a wool blend for those chilly Summer nights in the USA when Roger’s vest just doesn’t do the trick.

Federer Nike Sweater Fall 2014

My favorite item from Roger’s fall collection? The RF Betterer Tee, which comes in black, light blue, mint and grey

Federer Nike Betterer Tee Fall 2014

(Images: Tennis Warehouse, Nike)


One Comment

  1. Dan says:

    That “Betterer” t-shirt is nothing short of hideous! Absolutely hideous! There’s nothing “sexy” or “high-end” about bad grammar. It sounds bone-headed and moronic.