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New Balance Announces Record-Setting “Raonic Robot”

Raonic Robot

New Balance Japan has developed a tennis ball serving machine and announced today the “NB Raonic Robot,” named after Milos Raonic, is certified as the fastest tennis ball serving machine with 273km/h by the Guinness World Records.

Milos’ fastest serve is recorded at 246km/h so the robot already has him beat. Would love to see Milos try to return a Raonic Robot serve.

Watch as university students in Japan attempted to return the Raonic Robot’s serve:

(Photo: BusinessWire; Video: New Balance Japan)



  1. Matthew says:

    I think, despite the robot’s ridiculous speed, the ball would be returnable if there was a countdown or something similar, even if there was no indication of direction. A lot of returning is timing the split step and subsequent backswing based off of the oppontent’s motion. With the Raonic Robot it just fires out of nowhere. I’d be surprised if anyone touched it!

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