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Li Na Explains Lucky Numbers In Shenzhen

Li Na

Is Li Na is the gambling type? Well, Thursday in Shenzhen, she posed with her lucky numbers and the chairman and CEO of the 500 lottery network (the Shenzhen tournament sponsor).

Li Na’s numbers were:
- 06 (the age she was when she started tennis)
- 17 (the age she was when she began playing professionally)
- 24 (the age she was when she got married)
- 29 (the age she was when she won her Grand Slam)
- 31 (her age now)
- 01 (the year-end world ranking she’s fighting for)
- 03 (the ranking she currently has)



One Comment

  1. thomas says:

    Li Na is one of my favorite players on the WTA tour, and i hope she can take some steps at that number one ranking, Serena is tough but she has to believe she can do it, the key for her is to relax more and enjoy this process for her, good luck Li!