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Tips For Watching Tennis Like Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton‘s fame has spawned the popular Twitter @Pippatips, with life lessons such as “enhance the effectiveness of appliances such as dishwashers by actually turning them on.” Excellent advice.

Recently, Ms. Middleton has expressed her love of tennis in Vanity Fair and since she frequents so many tennis tournaments (Wimbledon, US Open and Queens), I took it upon myself to present to you all: Tips for watching tennis like Pippa Middleton.

When a player does something exciting that brings joy to you, applaud them.

When someone next to you is unsure of who is playing or what is going on, explain it to them.

When it starts to rain (most often at a tournament in the UK), use an umbrella to keep yourself dry.

When the sun comes back out, put on your sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright glare.

If you’re bored during a changeover or don’t want to converse with the gentleman next to you, send a text message.

When choosing a seat, it’s important to have tickets for it so that someone doesn’t ask you to move. Or, have credentials and then you can sit anywhere.

If you’re with your sister and enjoying the tennis, laugh.

(Photos: Getty Images, Daily Mail)


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