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Photos Of The Day: An American In Paris

Serena Williams took her traditional winner’s photos near the Eiffel Tower in Paris tonight after defeating Maria Sharapova to win the 2013 French Open. Serena and her 2nd Coupe Suzanne Lenglen trophy sparkled as the Eiffel Tower sparkled too! And Oracene Price was there for a special mommy-daughter photo op.

How will Serena celebrate? If hitting partner Sascha Bajin’s tweet foreshadows anything, it’s that it’ll be a big party. She recently told Essence magazine her go-to junk food is fried chicken. “Whenever I win the big tournaments, the first thing I have is fried chicken, because I can’t eat it any other time.”

(Photos: AP, Getty Images)


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  1. Paula says:

    Her body looks amazing.