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CSI: Mysterious Disappearance Of Homer Wawrinka

This week, the tennis world was rocked with some startling news – Stan Wawrinka had acquired a new traveling friend.

While this is exciting to some, because it means more pictures from Stan featuring a little figurine, some conspiracy theorists are asking… what happened to Homer? Did he melt in the sun on a tennis court? Was he stolen by Micaela Bryan? Did Stan lose him? Crime Slice Investigation (CSI) looks into this strange case.

Homer was known to take his fitness seriously and seemed to be in very good health.

Of course, Homer hit the court from time to time and his dedication paid off – he won the Chennai title.

It wasn’t all work for Homer. He took time off court to enjoy himself, like at an NBA game.

He relaxed in Acapulco.

Homer treated himself – flying first class to a tournament.

And don’t forget the elite group of friends Homer had. He hung out with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer…

And joked around with Novak Djokovic.

Was this the last time Homer was seen? On April 21, 2011, via Stan’s Facebook: Homer’s down! Nelson is the last man standing…!!

So many questions remain and Homer Wawrinka fans must come to terms with the fact that we may never know exactly what happened to him. The disappearance of Homer may remain one of life’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

(Photos: Stan Wawrinka Twitter/Facebook)


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