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Serena Signs On As Berlei Ambassador

Serena Williams has always been a fan of the Australian underwear brand Berlei and has happily signed on as an ambassador. She said she’s been ”obsessed” with the label’s sports bras since mom Oracene discovered them on a shopping trip years ago.

“She told me to try this bra and I tried it, and honestly every time I’ve played a match in the last eight years it’s always been in a Berlei,” she told The Sunday Telegraph.

Serena shot a campaign for the brand in Melbourne on Friday and will be working with them to create personalized high-performance bras to match her Nike outfits.

“Every time I’d come to Australia I’d buy new ones and wear them for years, and I’d even send them to Nike and they’d dye them so they matched my outfits. But now I have a hook-up,” she said. “It’s good for real women that want to work out with larger breasts because you have a lot of support, or with smaller breasts its good too because you don’t want them to fall, so it really is the first bra I’ve seen that’s made for real breasts – small, big, medium – it doesn’t matter.”

(Image: Berlei)



  1. KRIS says:

    She looks HOT! Where is Caro and Maria? put them all together …3 sexy women!

  2. Kay Marie Bani says:

    All I can say is WOW!

  3. Eric C. says:

    She FINALLY ditched that troll doll wig. Werk!, LordRena.

  4. VHS says:

    hmm…what a hot Berlei Ambassador–Serena!!!

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