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Federer Box Covers Camera During Semifinal AusOpen Match

Right before the men’s semifinal match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray, one of Roger’s coaches (Severin Luthi) and Roger’s wife, Mirka, conspired together to take down the television camera affixed next to their box. The two craftily covered the camera with an article of clothing, most likely from Nike, so the camera couldn’t follow their every move. Poor camera, only wanted to do its job.

Seemed like they had no remorse either…

Watch the drama unfold:

(Photos: AP, Video: YouTube)


One Comment

  1. Rob says:

    She seems to not like being on TV, I don’t blame her, a lot of people don’t, wish networks would not switch to a view of her every 30 seconds. Murray’s and Novak’s girlfriends don’t seem to mind being on camera, they seem to be charismatic, they are very beautiful, how about showing them more and Mirka less? Seems like a win-win.