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Fashion Focus: Federer’s Undershirt

This week, as Roger Federer has changed his shirt during changeovers in his matches, fans have been treated to something a little different from the GOAT: His undershirt. It’s something Roger has sported before, but why down under when it’s so warm? Apparently, as it gets cool at night, Roger uses it to keep his muscles warm. But not just regular muscles, his “big muscles.”

A relaxed Federer joked with Jim Courier during his post-match on-court interview, saying “It’s particularly my left arm that’s so impressive, I mean that’s what shocks all the opponents when I walk out and they see that big, huge left arm… Scary, scary stuff.” Watch!

Mirka, of course, found this funny.

And PseudoFed tweeted:

Aside from the undershirt, the most fashionable and talked about item of Roger’s kit? His black and pink Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour shoes, which you can buy here.

(Photos: Getty Images, Reuters; Video: Australian Open)


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