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Top 12 Most Memorable Marketing Moments Of 2012

It’s always fun to see our favorite tennis players goofing off in commercials and getting out of their comfort zones. These advertisements that sometimes make us laugh, cringe, cry or crave often help make the players a very pretty penny. Here are my picks for the Top 12 Most Memorable Marketing Moments of 2012:

Honorable Mention – Roger Federer Announced as Moet & Chandon Ambassador: Roger Federer was recently announced as the new brand ambassador for Moet & Chandon. A $30 million deal for Roger that’s sure to produce excellent advertisements in the coming year. Can’t wait.

Honorable Mention – Rafael Nadal Loses His Kia: Ay dios mío. Rafael Nadal can’t find his car in this Kia Commercial, released in April. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Honorable Mention – Milos Raonic Strikes a Pose For Harry Rosen: New-bee on the block (when it comes to major marketing), Milos Raonic, showed off his fashion side in ads for Harry Rosen, Canada’s leader in designer men’s fashion. Looking preppy chic, Milos is proving he’s ready for the big leagues (in sponsors).

Honorable Mention – Rafa Continues To Drink Responsibly: Never have we acted so responsibly in our lives, thanks in part to Rafael Nadal’s ongoing campaign with Bacardi. If it means more, and more, and more of Rafa posing with his signature Rafa Berry Smash and his signature smile, then vamos (responsibly).

12. Credits Suisse Turns Federer Into Rock Star And Gamer: Roger Federer was a rockracket star in the ad campaign (below) released by Credit Suisse in May. Roger rode a motorcycle, wore a leather jacket and even had a tennis racquet case with RFs on it. Pretty rockstar if you ask me. Later in the year, Credit Suisse had another winner of a campaign for the Roger Federer Tennis Challenge game in its iPhone/iPad app. Even Roger likes to play against Roger sometimes!

11. John Isner Serves Up Coca-Cola Cans: In honor of the Olympics, John Isner was selected from Team USA as part of Coca-Cola’s 8-Pack of Athletes. A silhouette of John serving was seen on Coca-Cola cans as well as him running for a forehand on 12-pack boxes. Pretty cool for John (and tennis) if you ask me.

10. Serena Puts Us To Sleep: Almost everyone, at some point, has trouble falling asleep. This year, Serena Williams had the fix! In April, Serena visited New York City to launch Sleep Sheets, a natural sleep aid designed to support one’s natural sleep cycle, and cozied up in some bedsheets (in her pajamas!) at the Empire Hotel. Yawn.

9. Andy Murray’s Radical Job Switch: Andy Murray’s commercial for HEAD released in March had Andy acting out other jobs he could have had if he wasn’t a tennis player. Andy’s acting was pretty good in this fun ad, but glad he went with tennis.

8. Federer As Brazil’s Biggest Sports Star: Kaka who? Gillette Brazil released this advertisement to help promote Roger Federer’s trip to the country (for the Roger Federer World Tour, yet another great marketing campaign!) and had Roger spiking and scoring his way through Brazil as the country’s biggest sports star. Best part of the ad? Roger’s dance moves.

7. Rafa Vs. Ronaldo: This very well done ad by Nike Football combined grass court tennis with futbol! Rafael Nadal faced off against Cristiano Ronaldo to see just how fast Ronaldo’s new Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII shoes are. Then Rafa tries to steal the shoes! Too cute.

6. This is Caroline Wozniacki: Caroline Wozniacki went solo when it came to launching her own product in June, her own underwear collection. She also went solo in the ad campaign, titled “This is Me.” So, this is Caroline.

5. Trufflegate: There are many Lindt commercials starring Roger Federer to choose from (the one with the chocolate bears was too cute!), but the sequel to the airport security agents going through Roger’s bag was the best. Roger was attempting to retrieve his lost luggage bag (filled to the brim with Lindt truffles). Wonder who had it this time?

4. Novak Vs. Maria: Two stars are better than one and Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova went Head-to-Head in a bevy of advertisements (like this and this) for HEAD. Anything that features Nole joking around and Masha cracking up is a win.

3. Rafa Isn’t Rafa: As a spokesperson for PokerStars, Rafael Nadal was tasked to improve his bluffing skills at a golf club in Mallorca. Could you imagine running into Rafa at a golf club and knowing it was Rafa but he’s telling you he isn’t Rafa? Would you believe him?

2. Murray’s Stamp Of Approval: Within 24 hours of his Olympic gold victory, Royal Mail produced a 60p stamp featuring Andy Murray. Some 4,700 branches received the gold medal stamps within a week from a 90-strong fleet of Royal Mail vehicles. Not only was it fantastic marketing and a nice memento commemorating Andy’s win (even I bought some), but it was executed very well. All gold medal winners on Team GB got their own stamps (and there were a lot) and, to top it off, they also got their own golden mailbox in their hometown. Andy’s, still to this day, is in Dunblane.

1. Sugarpova High: Everyone can remember where they were when they had their first taste of gummy goodness from Maria Sharapova’s line of candy, Sugarpova. Sporty, Chic, Flirty, Cheeky, Splashy… the list of flavors is endless and as the brand continues to find placement in supermarkets, high-end boutiques and drugstores worldwide, the supply will probably be endless too.

(Photos: Harry Rosen, Getty Images, Credit Suisse, Caroline Wozniacki, Coca-Cola, Royal Mail, Sugarpova; Videos: Nike Football, Kia Marketing, Lindt, Gillette Brazil, Head, Pokerstars)



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  2. el says:

    well i like Sugarpova!!!!!! tastes so good. i like Maria ^_^

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  4. Morgan says:

    How about Djokovic making the court-side Perrier advertisment at Roland Garros “pop” – the kick that trended round the world, LOL.

  5. anton says:

    Saharapova is the best! i love sugarpova candies! :)