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Fashion Focus: Adidas, Nike & Fila Go Yellow For 2013

New tennis fashions are hitting the stores and though the styles may differ, they all share one particular similarity: The color yellow. Expect to see a lot of lemon-wearing ladies on the blue courts down under!

The Adidas Stella McCartney Barricade Dress for the Australian Open comes in yellow and white and is¬†sporty with a little ruffle accent. Expect to see this dress on Stella’s number one girl, Caroline Wozniacki. McCartney actually designed the entire Barricade collection, so you’re likely to see many of the ladies wearing items like this.

As for the Adidas Adizero dress, Ana Ivanovic is sure to pop on the hardcourts wearing the loose, mesh dress in vivid yellow in Oz.

Maria Sharapova’s rumored Australian Open Nike dress is also a mellow shade of yellow. And if she chooses separates, those are most likely yellow too.

Fila gets in on the action too with the Baseline Cami Dress, most likely to be worn by Jelena Jankovic, and comes in, you guessed it, yellow!

But what about the men??? Well, Adidas has some of its men in a sunny disposition. Both the Barricade (like on Andy Murray above) and Adizero collections come in grey and white with a splash of bright yellow.

(Images: Adidas, Nike, Fila, Tennis Warehouse)



  1. Lucy says:

    In fact, in Abu Dhabi, David Ferrer and Nico were both wearing yellow or with yellow accents, weren’t them? I’m not much on board with the yellow, is a difficult color even for the cutest of them all (AM that is)

  2. e-slice says:

    You’re right! Ferrer is wearing yellow now.. Almagro I’ve seen in the color for a while though. I think it’s a nice color for the blue courts, but whoever wears it needs to be tan :)

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