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Photo/Video/Gif Of The Day: Shut Up.

In case you missed it: The Fed woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Thanks to SI’s Beyond The Baseline for summing up the turn of events that really ticked Roger Federer off during his match against Juan Martin del Potro. Here’s a video clip of the outburst:

Now, let’s be honest. Aren’t there times when someone is just really annoying you and you want to scream “Shut up!” at them? We all get to our boiling points. Lucky for us common folk, our boiling point isn’t broadcasted (and replayed) on live television, snapped up by the photo wires and sent as gifs across the internet. But then again, we’re not the GOAT.

Federer won 3-6, 6-7, 6-2, 6-0, 6-3. Just hope the twins had the tv on mute.

Also, read what PseudoFed had to say about his outburst.

(Photos: Getty Images, Video: YouTube, Gif: Tumblr)


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