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Photo Of The Day: The Last Cena

I took an Art History class in high school so I’m fairly familiar with symbolism in paintings and, let’s be honest, the above photo from Barcelona is the Español version of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Though I’m not going to pretend to analyze the photo, I will tell you what I do know.

Clockwise From Left:
- Pablo Andujar: Pretty.
- Guillermo Garcia-Lopez: More interested in the flatware.
- Tommy Robredo: Sitting nonchalantly.
- David Ferrer: Stuck in the corner and not happy about it.
- Marcel Granollers: Falling asleep.
- Feliciano Lopez: Has something in his teeth.
- Rafael Nadal: Upset… because his order isn’t being taken first? He’s having his photo taken? Or perhaps the restaurant is out of pasta y gambas?
- Unidentified Spanish player: Eating. And going back for more.
- Fernando Verdasco: Really into whatever he’s about to put in his mouth.
- Unidentified older Spanish man: Serious. Focused.
- Man with back to us (right): From the back it looks like Andy Murray’s old coach, Alex Corretja (just speculation).
- Other man with back to us (left): Clearly staring into Pablo’s eyes.
- Waiter: You’re going to need a bigger piece of paper than that for this group’s order.

(Photo: ATP World Tour)


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  1. raindelaysplay says:

    The unidentified man between Rafa and Fernando is his doubles partner, David Marrero, and yes, that is the lovely Alex Corretja, Captain of the Spanish Davis Cup team