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Federer Reflects On Upcoming Olympics, Family And More

Roger Federer spoke today with a select group of hand-picked journalists at a Hotel in Feusisberg, Switzerland with Lake Zurich in the background. No managers. No PR people. Just Roger. Here are some of my favorite highlights (roughly translated):

Wimbledon and the Olympics: “Wimbledon is special. A few weeks after that we have the opportunity to play at Wimbledon again in this stadium for medals is an incredible chance for our generation. Between Wimbledon and the Olympics at Wimbledon, I have no preference. Both are equally important to me. Although many people think that I’m doing more for Switzerland, if I win at the Olympics. I see this is not quite so. It’s also nice that we can go there with this fantastic generation with Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. We are enormously the focus and make for the best tennis advertising.”

His Last Olympic chance?: “I haven’t thought about it, because for me it is not inconceivable that in 2016 I’d play again in Rio. The pressure at the Olympics is basically the same as in other tournaments. The difference is that you must wait for a defeat four years.”

On the Nadal-Djokovic rivalry: “It is exciting to see how Novak handles the defeat now. In 2011 Novak played perfectly in Madrid and Rome. He even knows how hard it is to repeat this. For Rafa winning in Monte Carlo might be just able to turn the tables back in the longer term. You all have talked about me less. It’s enough time to go on vacation, then they forget you (laughs).”

On fatherhood and.. more children?: “When you have kids you have to think twice before making decisions. Now for example we are considering which school for Myla and Charlene. But things have to be decided slowly. It’s nice for me every day to give them rules and education. For the moment we do not think to expand the family because we are already busy enough, however, it’s a topic we’ll discuss in the future.”

(Photos: Blick, Interview: Blick, Tennis World Italia)


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  1. [...] We haven’t heard much about him lately (I know, his most devoted fans always know exactly where Roger is ) and that fact didn’t go unnoticed for the World’s #3. He said something kind of funny -but true- about his absence from Monte Carlo (he was on holidays with his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary and taking a short break): “You all have talked about me less. It’s enough time to go on vacation, then they forget you (laughs).” (Source: The Slice) [...]