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Fed Cup Team Pics: Who Is Best In Matching Dress?

Fed Cup fashion time! Where does your favorite team rank amongst the rest? Find out now. (*Disclaimer: The following has nothing to do with tennis abilities).

Team Great Britain in matching blue Reiss dresses. Even captain Judy Murray got in on the fashion action. Looking very good ladies! Grade: A+

Team Germany in matching leather outfits. It’s biker chic, but I can’t seem to take my eye off the deer head in the background. Grade: A

Team Italy in their typical azzuri pants and white blazers. And Francesca Schiavone being her typical goofy self. Grade: A

Team Sweden in grey sweatsuits. Casual, comfy and will keep them warm. This is Sweden, after all. Grade: B+

Team Russia in their Russian red and white warmups. Can’t fault them for sticking with what works. Grade: B

Team Australia in matching grey skirt suits. Classy, yes, but I would have liked something with a little more flare and a little less Banana Republic. Grade: B

Team Czech Republic in their tie-dye dresses. Considering the purpose (modeling in a window), I’d say they look alright. Grade: B-

Team Serbia, fashionable and fabulous, but you girls don’t match. Grade: C

Oh, Team USA. No. You can do much better than that. Grade: F (and not for “fashionable”)

(Photos: Fed Cup, Getty Images, AP, Heather Watson)



  1. Jerold says:

    Team Serbia looks like they’re heading out to a club.

  2. Johan says:

    Team Serbia. Case closed.

  3. Peter says:

    It’s not about a fashion show but more about team tennis game!!!Best dressed will churn out the worse losses…wait n see!!!