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Quotes Of The Day: Federer, Social Media Superstar

This week, while he was busy winning Dubai, Roger Federer passed 10 million fans on his Facebook page.

He said: “I don’t know if the 10 million are on live score or watching my match, but I definitely feel the great support by my followers and social network, [and] how they’re into it.”

The best part of his social media strategy chat with the ATP was that RF revealed the secret to keeping fans engaged, but not annoyed, saying “I try to be as good as I can with information, but I don’t like to post too much sometimes. I like to do it when I think it’s the right time. So far, there’s not too [many] complaints. I guess you can always give more, but then it eventually maybe gets a bit silly if you post too much stuff.”

So if you notice I’m posting or tweeting less, I’m just trying to follow in Federer’s footsteps.

(Photo: Federer Facebook)



  1. Jesna says:

    Yes, 10 mln people watch live Federer’s every match and then re-watch it, and never delete it, because that would be a blasphemy. And of course they do a Mexican wave (ever tried to do it by your lonesome in front of your TV? It’s pretty complicated, but Federer greatness kind of rubs on you after a while) and chant his name.
    I’m exaggerating, of course, but his recent pressers simply annoy me.

  2. Honza M says:

    I really like Tomas Berdych’s Facebook as he is clearly posting on his own and sometimes even answering some fan questions in the discussion. Amount of posts is about right, I guess. Only part of the posts is in English but with all the photos it’s really interesting insight in pro’s life.