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Dementieva In March 2012 Красота и Здоровье Magazine

It’s been just over a year since Elena Dementieva put down her tennis racquet and she’s still looking as lovely as ever! Lena D graces the cover of Krasota I Zdorovje‘s March 2012 issue. Can’t read Russian? The pictures are just as enjoyable.




  1. Anny says:

    Wow!!Yelena is just too beautiful on these pics! I miss her in tour with a racket though

  2. Hanh says:

    Yeah i absolutely agree, Lena is irreplacable on the court.
    Even with all that glamour i would love it if she would pick up her racket and contiinue to product some graceful tennis. However i guess its her descision and whats best for her that really counts;)