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Getting To Know Lisicki In Dubai


After Sabine Lisicki defeated Iveta Benesova 6-3, 6-3 in Dubai, she made a comment on Twitter about her press conference, saying “Had a great press conference after the match- talking 2 min about the match and the other 10 about life :-) it was fun!”

So of course I wanted to know what was so fun about it and, after reading it, I learned so much more about her! Here are my 4 favorite Sabine quotes from the interview:

1. Spicy Sabine: Away from the courts, Sabine has gone shopping in the big Dubai malls and the spice market. What did she buy? “Spices, lots of spices. I really like to cook, so I have to go and get some good spices.”

2. Chef Sabine: When asked if she gets the chance to cook these days, she said “No, not that much. Once I’m home I always cook. Always. So, you know, sometimes it doesn’t work out well, but that’s very rare, thanks God!”

3. Studying Sabine: The German mentioned she’s interested in a lot of things like art, design and the human body. “Through the sport we go through so many injuries and health issues, and I learn a lot by talk to the doctors as well.”

4. Student Sabine: She said she wants to finish school because she misses it. Her best subjects? “English was easy. Math, physics, biology, those were my favorite ones.”

To read the whole interview, click here

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