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Cibulkova And Beau Featured In Valentine’s Day Article

In an interview for Valentine’s Day last week for, Dominika Cibulkova gushed about her boyfriend Miso Navara and what he means to her. Sweet and sappy, but paired with these photos of Domi in a red dress on a tennis court with Miso holding out a giant heart? Perfect.

Domi said some reasons why she can’t live without him [very roughly translated]:
First – Because he loves cooking and is a great cook. He knows that if it was up to me I’d die of hunger (laughs).
Second – He always stands by me and is my great support.
Third – He supports me in my work, and it’s understood and tolerated.
Fourth – He can cheer me up, event if I’m sad, or we have snuggle time and I know that everything’s is good.

Also adorable was a note from Miso to Domi in the article, in which he said: Today you’re very far, but don’t worry, you will get a surprise from me at home. I just want you to know that you’re the number one woman in my life. I miss you.

Excuse me while I grab a tissue!



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