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Radwanska Shines In Polish Style

On a web site dedicated to Polish style, Agnieszka Radwanska trades her racquet and backhand for a photo shoot back-drop and modelesque poses. She was interviewed by Iza Komendołowicz, after a trip to Jamaica at the end of last season, for a very revealing article about her life growing up, her parents, and what she does with her money:

(Rough translation) “I am not wasteful. Yes, I have a few Louis Vuitton bags that you buy yourself as a reward when you win a tournament. But probably not exaggerated purchases. In my closet there are also shoes for 10 euros. Money is primarily invested in real estate.”

When she was growing up, all she knew was tennis, saying, “There were difficult moments, but overall I was happy. Besides, I knew no other life, I never wondered if I could do something else.”

How does Aga deal with losses? She channels a famous, Polish Formula One driver. “I repeat the words of Robert Kubica, and one hundred percent agree with them: ‘The athlete who needs a psychologist, is not suitable for sport.’”

Read the full article here!

(Photos: Stly.Pl)


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