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Lisicki Paints Faces At The Australian Open

The only painting we usually see tennis players doing is painting the lines on the court (a figure of speech, of course). Today at the Australian Open, Germany’s Sabine Lisicki did some face painting of young girls during a promotional event.

It looks like Sabine was starting to paint a sunshine on a girl’s cheek in the above picture – she is “Sunshine” Lisicki!

(Photos: AP)



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  3. Rob says:

    The best tennis smile, sorry she is out of the Australian open, hope 2012 is a great year for Sabine!

  4. Giovanni says:

    Il miglior sorriso del tennis, ma anche il miglior sorriso che mostra come Sabine è per sua natura una donna semplice. Dio la benedica.

    The best tennis smile, but also the best smile that shows how Sabine is naturally a simple woman. God bless her.

    P.S. I hope that my English is correct.