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Clijsters Def. Wozniacki At 2011 Diamond Games

World No.1 Caroline Wozniacki and Kim Clijsters were the featured players at today’s Diamond Games 2011 tennis event, in Antwerp Sportpaleis. It was Kim’s first time on court in a long time and she made a successful return,┬ádefeating Caroline 6-2 7-6. If you missed the exhibition, there are some fantastic clips from the event on YouTube. First up, Caroline takes control of the umpire’s chair and Kim threatens to shove a ball down her throat! FYI: That’s Kim’s sister playing doubles with her!

In this next clip, Caroline shows off her dance moves (which we’ve seen a lot of lately) and the crowd gets into it by doing the wave.

Yanina Wickmayer was there and I’m not sure what Kim said (I don’t speak Dutch) but all of a sudden a bunch of guys rushed the court to kiss Yanina! Not sure if this was planned because she doesn’t seem scared but more amused than anything.

Toward the end of the match, Caroline and Kim started imitating some of the females on the tour and their grunting. Sharapova, anyone?

(Videos: YouTube)



  1. According to @triplebagel, Kim said “First one to kiss Yanina wins a white Lotto (something)”.
    Apparently Yanina needs help getting touched by guys, lol.

  2. G says:

    There is no such thing as a Belgian language. Kim was speaking Dutch. She said: “for all the men in the room, whoever manages to kiss Yanina first wins that white car”.

  3. e-slice says:

    you’re so right. not sure what I was thinking!

  4. pearl says:

    Ugh,Kim shuld have made fun of SW’s melt down,now she’s going 2 beat ur ass like she beats Sharapova’s,cos when SW doent’ respect u will be mince meat.