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Yannick Noah said some things about doping in Spanish tennis. Rafael Nadal had some things to say back.

The ATP and the State of Rio de Janeiro have announced a two-year agreement for Rio de Janeiro to become the official tourism destination of the ATP World Tour.

Ana Ivanovic was back on the golf course watching Adam Scott in the Presidents Cup. Scott’s team lost, but he goes home with Ana so I think everyone would consider him a winner.

Anna Kournikova is leaving Biggest Loser after just one season. Could this be why?

Ted Forstmann, chairman and CEO of IMG, passed away after losing his battle with brain cancer.

You have 8 days left to bid on “lockers” filled with signed items and more from the elite 8 players of the ATP World Tour Finals. Hurry with the highest bid and you could snatch up a signed iPad from Andy Murray, a Novak Djokovic-signed mousepad or Roger Federer’s Nike duffel bag filled with Lindt chocolates. If you win the guesstimated 20 pounds of chocolate, remember me.

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One Comment

  1. Miles says:

    Yannick Noah did not say some things about doping in Spanish TENNIS, but in all of Spanish SPORT.

    He was livid for the loss that France took from Spain in basketball European championships (his son plays for France). Then he ranted about football, where Spanish national team and Barcelona regularly kick butt of France and of their clubs respectively. Tennis was just an afterthought, he rambled about “magic potion” that ALL Spaniards must be drinking and wished France and everyboday else would be allowed to drink it freely as well.

    Both his son and himself are known pot smokers (son even arrested and charged for that in the US; Yannick notoriously got stoned before his matches), so no wonder Yannick wants drugs to be legalized.

    He’s a clown.