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Rafa Attends Nike Event In Shanghai

Rafael Nadal and, apparently, his Chinese posse, attended a Nike event in Shanghai today. Little Rafa wannabes got autographs and big, actual Rafa got his bicep measured. Ok.

Nike recently announced it would open another campus in Shanghai, emphasizing its local endorsers such as Chinese Olympic track-and-field star Liu Xiang and Li Na, in hopes to double China sales by 2015 to reach a target of $4 billion annually. By the looks of things, the venture could prove very successful.

View more pictures from the event here!

(Photos: Shanghai Masters)



  1. Miles says:

    Not only did he get his bicep measured, but also his lung capacity and grip strength.

    Kids also asked him all kinds of awkward questions, such as “Do you live in a house or a villa?” and “How much money do you get?” Foxy Rafa, always kids’ educator, responded “I live with my parents.” and “I’m getting improvement of my game and my overall experiences.”

  2. e-slice says:

    Wow! Those are some great questions!