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Le Match De Ma Vie – By Nicolas Mahut

As we await the rematch, relive the match that made history via Nicolas Mahut’s book, entitled Le Match de ma Vie.

Published last month in France, the 112-page book follows Mahut’s emotions in the 11-hour match, the introduction beginning with a vivid description of his memory of Isner’s winning shot.

“And so, it was over. Opposite me, John fell on the grass. Rather than lifting his arms to the sky, he lifted his legs. They were so long! The spectators jumped out of their seats, their mouths wide open. I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t feel anything but an intense cold that gripped my body and my heart. He got up and congratulated me. My racket fell from my hand. My fingers had no more strength. Like a robot, I walked back to my chair. I sat down and held back my tears, my head under my towel, insensible to the cheers of the crowd.”

Mahut also explains in the book the after effects of the match, saying “In August, when I was in New York for the US Open, I found out that it had been televised in Times Square, and realized that the whole world had been watching.”

Mahut spent some time during Roland Garros a few weeks ago selling and signing copies of his book (see below). You can own Mahut’s book for just 20 euros.

(Video: L’equipe)


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