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Djokovic In NYMag’s Approval Matrix

It’s always delightful to see Tennis in places you wouldn’t typically expect it. Like when Rafa Nadal was in June’s Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, Sloane Stephens was in Teen Vogue and Novak Djokovic was in Vogue.

This time, Novak Djokovic has found himself in this week’s New York Magazine as part of the ”Approval Matrix.” For those who’ve never seen the weekly piece, NYMag takes the week’s biggest newsmakers and headlines and rates them: Highbrow Brilliant, Highbrow Despicable, Lowbrow Brilliant and Lowbrow Despicable.

In this week’s matrix, Djokovic falls into Highbrow Despicable. Now, don’t get angry just yet. The magazine’s reason isn’t a reflection on Djokovic himself. Funnily enough, the caption reads:

Why has every tennis writer and commentator become obsessed with Novak Djokovic’s gluten-free diet?

Oh, Approval Matrix, that is Highbrow Despicable indeed. Brilliant.

(Image: NYMag via The Slice)


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  1. djoks says:

    go djoks go :)