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Fashion Focus: Dinara Safina’s Sergio Tacchini Dress

She came and went so quickly I barely had time to Google the dress she was wearing but, low and behold, Dinara Safina was decked out in Sergio Tacchini for her first-round-bagel-bonanza loss to Kim Clijsters.

Oddly enough, she still has adidas on her web site and even more odd, adidas has her on its web site. And even more odd, you can’t even buy the dress on Sergio Tacchini’s web site!

So where does that leave us? Dazed, confused and a little embarrassed (much like Safina felt after her first-round loss).

Either way, and even though we only saw a flicker of it, the dress rocked. Only hope Safina can get her came back so she can rock it more often.

Side note: Sergio Tacchini’s Men’s section is having a blowout sale. Sadly, the item I want is still regular price.

(Photo: Getty Images)


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